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If you are looking for how to lose weight , this is undoubtedly the best application you will find to lose weight .

With this app you can burn fat and lose weight at home without going to a gym.

It gives you effective and simple workouts to burn fat, it helps you with simple exercises to lose fat from your belly, fat from your thighs and arms .

lose weight simple

You can follow a 30-day plan to reach your goal and just investing a few minutes a day to lose weight and get in shape.

The training consists of between 2 to 7 minutes a day with HIIT workouts, with which you can lose weight and stay in shape.

There are no more excuses to lose weight and stay fit

The app allows you to track calories burned and the weight loss process with highly accurate graphics.

Application To lose weight

We reiterate that it is not necessary to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment to lose weight. you just have to use the weight of your body to tone your entire body.

This application has been designed by professional Fitness trainers . You will find 4 levels available, either beginner or professional. Each one has a different level so that if you have little time to exercise, with this app it will only take you between 2 to 7 minutes a day to do them so you have a very busy job in the office, there are simply no excuses.


If you have ever been browsing the internet for at least 2 minutes, you know that today it is not easy to find exercises that really work , what this application does is to be a pocket personal trainer that creates a daily plan and notifies you when it’s time to do your exercises and what exercises to do.

It will notify you when you must stop and download to have a glass of water. Remember that the intensity can be adapted to your physical capacity , do not overdo many exercises the first day, take a slow pace until you feel you can intensify your routine.

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The application is intended for exercises focused on certain parts of the body that are very important for women, such as the belly, thighs, arms and buttocks, etc.

You no longer need an expensive workout, now from home you can do your exercises yourself and burn the fat that has been bothering you so much .

Download it now and start to eliminate those extra pounds and tone your whole body. It’s free.

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